Because You Know That Grass Grows Best Where It's Watered

Concierge Plan:

Proactive Review:
Realistically, how many people look at their planning documents on
a regular basis? If you become a concierge plan client, we do it for you.
On an annual basis when we spot a change that needs to be made or
updated we will call you to schedule a time to meet.

Family Planning Meeting:

Concierge plan clients also benefit from the opportunity of having a
family planning meeting in which one of our attorneys will sit with
family members and explain the effect and importance of the estate
planning documents plus answer any questions or concerns.

Client Appreciation Dinners:
We love to show our appreciation for our clients. To  the attorneys at Alder
Law Group our clients are more than just customers, many become lifelong friends. Once a year we show that commitment by hosting an appreciation dinner for Concierge clients, at which we have the opportunity to review your needs with you and catch up on good times.

Question Hotline:
Legal issues come up in life all the time. Many of our clients consider us to be more than their estate planning attorney, but rather their family attorney. In addition to phone support directly related to a client's estate plan, concierge plan clients can call into our question hotline with questions about any legal issue that may come up. They receive our individual attention and we do our best to get find the answer if possible, or to tell you where to find it- free of charge.

Free Restatement:

Finally, not only do Concierge plan clients receive a free annual amendment to their documents, but they may also request a full restatement free of charge. A restatement essentially means entirely re-doing your plan, and is valued at over $1,000.

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