Planning for the Comfort and Care of the Elderly in Utah

One of the biggest challenges that many families face in estate planning is to find ways to secure suitable residential, nursing and medical arrangements for the elderly. People have trouble with these issues both for their aging parents and for themselves. The main problem is that most people put off planning for elder care until it's too late to take full advantage of the most valuable options for doing so. To learn how you can expand your options through effective planning, contact the Salt Lake City elder law attorneys at Alder Law Group, P.C.


Most people are concerned about the possibility of a long period of disability, incapacity, limited mobility or chronic illness that can exhaust family assets without necessarily finding satisfactory living assistance or nursing services. As experienced estate planning and elder law attorneys, we are familiar with the legal considerations that can define your options. We also are familiar with the range of community resources that can help stretch out limited budgets for effective care solutions.

Our elder law practice also covers such issues as:

  • Planning for alternatives to guardianship through powers of attorney, advance directives and revocable living trusts
  • Identifying affordable and practical alternatives to nursing home care
  • Protecting Medicaid eligibility through timely and effective planning
  • Getting the maximum value of veterans' benefits, pensions, life insurance, disability insurance and survivorship rights
  • Estate planning solutions designed to fund elder care assistance while preserving estate assets

The best time to obtain legal advice about elder care options is years before the time of immediate need. Even if an incapacitating stroke or illness means that you need to address these issues on short notice, however, our lawyers can help you find the solutions that make best sense for your parents and yourself.

For additional information about the strategies that can work best in your family's situation, contact Alder Law Group in Salt Lake City for a free consultation.

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