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"Estate Planning Is Not About What You Own, It's About What You Value"       

 The estate planning and probate attorneys of Alder Law Group, P.C., understand that different people have different goals for themselves, their families and their businesses. We also recognize that they come to us under a wide variety of circumstances to address differing needs. That is why the attorneys of Alder Law Group focus on providing proper planning at an affordable price range.

Unfortunately although many families have heard of estate planning and some may even have a plan in place, very few families have a trust plan which accurately addresses their estate planning needs. The attorneys of Alder
Law Group, P.C. ensure that every trust plan includes three crucial aspects:
Proper trust plans attempt to avoid family disputes through:
  • Ethical will provisions,
  • personal property memorandums,
  • Distribution provisions to protect beneficiaries from poor discretion.
Proper trust plans include:
  • Disability provisions,
  • Incapacity planning in the case of long term mental incapacity,
  •  Proper ancillary documents for medical considerations.
Proper trust plans are:
  • Properly funded to avoid probate,
  •  Structured to minimize estate taxation,
  •  Suited to the family’s individual circumstances.


 "Not All Trusts Are The Same!"

By working closely with the clients we serve, we help people understand that in the final analysis, estate planning at its best is not about what you own — instead, it's about what you value. We help people express their values and aspirations for themselves and their families through carefully drafted wills, trusts, business agreements and other tools. We then maintain relationships with our clients to make sure that the documents that express and protect their interests remain effective over time.

To find out how you and your family can benefit from our approach to client service, contact the Salt Lake City estate planning attorneys at Alder Law Group for a free consultation.

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