Because You Know That Planning Is Not A One Time Event

By working closely with the clients we serve, we help people understand that in the final analysis,
estate planning at its best is not about what you own — instead, it's about what you value. We help
people express their values and aspirations for themselves and their families through carefully drafted
wills, trusts, business agreements and other tools. We then maintain relationships with our clients to
make sure that the documents that express and protect their interests remain effective over time.

While many firms never take a second look at their client's documents after the initial drafting, since
our founding we have offered complementary estate plan reviews with each trust plan we create.
As your estate and your family grows you will inevitably need to revise your planning documents.
In the spirit of that tradition, we have carefully designed maintenance program options with you in mind.

                                                            THREE LEVELS OF CARE

           Basic Plan
  • An Annual Review Letter is sent out one a year to our clients offering a free half hour review of their estate plan.
  • Clients are provided with one copy of their documents. The firm retains copies of all our client's estate plans in case replacement is needed due to loss or damage.
  • Clients may subscribe to receive firm newsletter and blog posts by subscribing online, however interested clients are automatically subscribed to firm newsletter and blog featuring helpful tips and info concerning their estate plan and potential planning issues.
  • Alder & Robb offers periodic Funding Seminars for clients teaching clients how to properly place assets into trusts and keep their plans up to date.
    Legacy Plan
  • In addition to our standard Annual Review Letter, Legacy clients receive a full funding analysis to make sure assets have not changed during the year requiring action to properly put them in trust or take them out of a trust.
  • Legacy clients are also invited to attend or have their named trustee attend a Trustee Seminar, where trustee duties and proceedures are fully explained in preparation to undertake the responsibilities of a Trustee or Personal Representative of an estate.
  • Legacy clients also are given access to ClientDocx, an online document storage database where they can grant or limit access to other professional advisors and family members, and where documents can easily be accessed, updated, and protected. To find out more about ClientDocx, click Here.
  • Our online E-Learning center is only accessible to maintenance plan clients and features up to date articles, treatises, presentations, and other learning resources to better understand your estate plan, and other planning opportunities.
  • While some people may hesitate to call their attorney fearing being billed by the minute, the attorneys at Alder & Robb are happy to answer any questions or explore options with Legacy plan clients concerning their estate plan, through our Phone Support Feature, at no extra cost.
  • Additionally, Legacy Plan clients receive over a 20% discount on all future legal/ planning services through Alder & Robb
  • Finally, perhaps the most valuable feature for Legacy Plan clients is the ability to receive one free Amendment to their Estate Plan annually. Inevitably the time will come when an estate plan needs to be updated/ revised, most firms bill such work by the hour and depending on the changes that can add up. We estimate the average amendment to be worth about $500 in value, its just part of the maintenace package at Alder Law Group.
    Concierge Plan
  • Realistically, how many people look at their planning documents on a regular basis? If you become a concierge plan client, we do it for you. On an annual basis if we spot a change that needs to be made or updated we will call you to schedule a time to meet.
  • Concierge plan clients also benefit from the opportunity of having a family planning meeting in which an attorney from Alder Law Group will sit with family members and explain the effect and importance of the estate planning documents as well as answer any questions or concerns family members may have.
  • Once a year we'd love to show our appreciation by throwing a client appreciation dinner, Concierge clients are invited to attend and enjoy
  • In addition to phone support directly related to a client's estate plan, concierge plan clients can call into our question hotline with any simple legal issue that may come up, free of charge.
  • Finally, not only do Concierge plan clients receive a free annual amendment to their documents, but they are free to request a full restatement free of charge. A restatement essentially means entirely re-doing your plan, and is valued at over $1,000.

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