Experienced Attorneys for Trust and Estate Administration in Utah

The probate lawyers of Alder Law Group, P.C., emphasize efficiency, dependability and transparency in trust and estate administration. To learn how our approach to client service in Utah probate and intestacy proceedings can save you time, money, uncertainty and stress, contact us in Salt Lake City for a free consultation.


In our experience, the emotionally charged circumstances of the loss of a loved one can bring tensions between siblings and other relatives to the surface, and minor misunderstandings can sometimes grow into major disputes over the distribution of assets under the terms of a will.

We therefore concentrate on explaining the practical details of estate administration in clear terms so that all interested parties have an accurate understanding of their rights under the facts of the situation at hand. Our lawyers then go to work to open the estate, probate the will and administer the assets as quickly and efficiently as the process will allow.
We offer comprehensive client service in all aspects of Utah probate:

  • Probate of wills
  • Estate administration, including intestacy cases where there is no will
  • Probate services on behalf of out-of-state executors and administrators responsible for Utah estates
  • Ancillary probate of Utah property connected to probate cases in other states
  • Trust administration on behalf of personal, family, business and successor trustees
  • Advice about assets that transfer outside the probate process to beneficiaries or joint tenants

For more information about the estate planning and probate practices at Alder Law Group, contact us in Salt Lake City for a free consultation.

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