There are now over 25 million US veterans eligible for some type of Veteran's Administration (VA) benefits, many of whom have no idea Aid and Attendance pension benefits exist.
What is Aid & Attendance?

Aid and Attendance is a "special monthly pension" available to wartime veterans or surviving spouses of wartime veterans. Aid and Attendance is not actually a stand-alone benefit. Rather, it is an additional allowance that a veteran or surviving spouse who is already entitled to certain VA pension benefits (because of his or her wartime service and non-service-connected disability) may additionally be entitled to upon meeting certain medical and financial requirements. The attorneys at Alder Law Group are registered VA specialists who can help you find out if you or a family member may qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits.

In order to qualify for these benefits, a veteran or surviving spouse must first be eligible for what the VA refers to as regular pension. Regular pension is available when a wartime veteran (one with 90 days of active duty, and at least one day beginning or ending during a period of War) has limited income and assets and suffers from a non-service-connected permanent and total disability. In some circumstances, being over the age of 65 may qualify a claimant without the need to show a disability. Our attorneys are able to assess your situation and advise you as to whether benefits may be available to you.


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