Specialized Plans

Granny's Got a Gun

Posted on: August 10th, 2012
That's the problem with young people nowadays. They just don't understand what it takes to be a responsible gun owner. Well, here's your chance to educate them. Take a look....

...And the Dog Gets the House.

Posted on: July 27th, 2012
Most people would say that leaving an inheritance to your pet is ridiculous. But, considering how many pet owners are out there, it might make more sense than you would think. Take a look, then let us know if we've changed your mind!...

Special People Need Special Planning

Posted on: June 1st, 2012
If you have a special needs child, you'd probably give the world for them. They need special attention and special care. But if you were suddenly gone, out of the picture, who would give that to them? It's too important a question to leave up to chance. Read this post to see what planning you can do so it's not left up to them....

It's Packing Whatever You Want it To

Posted on: April 13th, 2012
Why would someone need a gun trust? Well, thanks to our beloved gun control laws it can be very difficult to own and use Title II weapons. In fact without a gun trust, leaving them to friends or family could accidently commit a felony in violation of the National Firearms Act. So if you have a Title II firearm, the question is why wouldn't you want a gun trust?...

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